Absolutely fantastic afternoon, mate. Well done to you and the crew. Alot of really good feedback from everyone, staff included. Definitely will have you guys back for another afternoon sesh real soon!

Regards, Shane Morello - (Venue Manager) Alderley Arms Hotel

The following article appeared in the Brisbane North West News on 5 November 2014.

Across the Ditch has been a music concept born out of the need for the Alderley Arms to provide our patrons and the local community with something a little different from the usual cover bands that operate in Brisbane pubs and music venues. We have Andy and the boys from Across the Ditch on a regular basis and each time it's a packed venue and the excitement they draw from everyone leading up to and after the event is incredible for our venue.

Do yourself a favour and have Across the Ditch at your venue now!! Thank you again Andy and the lads for everything you have done each time you put your "heart and soul" into the performance.

Aaron Dawe - (Venue Manager) Alderley Arms Hotel